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Zither morning star
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Zither "Morning Star" is a range of plucked musical instruments.

This new concept has its origins in the traditional Austro-Bavarian zither.

An evolution took place in France in the 1970s, then in Italy.

The  approach taken to create my Zither instruments was to review all the parameters of these instruments elements in depth.

​​After twenty years of complex research, surrounded by the best professionals in their respective fields, I  have finalized an instrument that is accomplished with great exigence, from its conception to its manufacture.


Video presentation
melodic Zither 4 Oc, and HARMONIC fundamental


Fabricant de cithare Zither instrument cithare fabrication france musique harmonie bois médiéval folklorique artisanat


 I had my first experience with a violin, age of 5, with my mother's violin, where I made my very first acoustic squeaks.

 I understood very quickly that the instrument was relational. I also quickly stopped playing the instrument because I didn't play like Yehudi Menuhin.

 Afterwards, I missed this connection with instruments, so I built a guitar for myself in high school.


 In the 2000s, in a flea market, I bought without knowing it, a zither, which turned out to be a bowed zither.

 I took it apart with haste and completely rebuilt it.

 I looked for strings, gave it back its voice and was enchanted by its harmony. This instrument really called to me.


 My vocation as a luthier was born, and since then, my connection with instruments has been mainly centered on making them.

 While working in my firts profession as a prothetist and orthotist, I felt the longing to make zithers. Conceniently, I had a lot of experience with modern materials, epoxy glues, carbon. Certain of my knowledge, I tried to make the first prototypes and the result was... disastrous. The zither resisted me.

 I then approached the zither workshops of the Abbey of "En Calcat". The monks welcomed me with joy.

 I discovered the passion of zither making with the brothers Patrice, Daniel, and Columba.


The essential quality of a good luthier is to always ask questions and not to remain locked in certainties.

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