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It is equipped with twelve triads, 7 strings each. (Except C, C# and D chords which have 8 strings).


Its string plan is therefore 87 strings of which 37 are custom-wound.

The chord consists of the root, the third and the fifth. The third is made modulating by manipulation of a modulator which changes the pressure on the string, causing the third to rise by a semitone. This modulator, developed for this instrument only, works by changing direct pressure on the string. The vibrating length of the string does not change. This allows all the strings to reach the bridge nut with no difference in string height. The game of the Zitherist is greatly facilitated, the strings all appearing at the same level.


The soundboard is made of bamboo, dynamic and very resistant to the forces received.

bambou bois


utilisation doigt main

Modulator levers in the raised position are in Major, while in the lowered position, are in Minor. The two modulators of the two thirds, of each chord, can be manipulated together or separately depending on the desired playing. The bridges are independent for each chord. They rest directly on the soundboard, and not on the frame. Each chord is identified by reading the American format coded scale. Each string has its exact desired vibrating length. The location of the letters is done on an arc of a circle which is communicated to the other Zither, 2 OC, 3 OC, 4 OC. Reading is made easier

dimensions règle mesures


770mm x 520mm x 60mm

personnalisation main


The lettering and the distribution of chords are offered in two versions: “Italian” reading format, or “German” reading format. For the latter, the chord of A can be reversed or not, according to the desire of the Zitherist.


Instrument not available, modulators being finalized.

The prices of construction materials and transport covers are subject to variation. I invite you to me consult for a quote.

prix euros


options liste choix

    Visuel anglo-saxon du lettrage  

                 Type 1 : aucun visuel

                 Type 2 : C#   F#   B   E    A   D   G   C   F   Bb   Eb   Ab

                 Type 3 : Bb   Eb   Ab  C#   F#   B   E    A   D   G   C   F

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