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perfect chord zither

It is equipped with twelve triads, 8 strings each. So 96 strings, 31 of which are custom-wound. Also equipped like its little sister 12/7 with modulators providing the same ergonomics and the same operating principle.

ThisZitherhas 96 strings including 31 custom-wound strings.

bois bambou


The soundboard is made of bamboo, dynamic and very resistant to the forces received.


The Italian ergonomics is proposed as well as the German one, of which the latter can have its “A” chord reversed. The soundboard is made of bamboo. Each chord therefore has its own double bass. The range of this Zither is 4 octaves. On this Zither, all basses are at octave 1.

taille flèches
mesures règle dimensions

Dimensions and weight

770mm x 520mm x 60mm   


Instrument not available, modulators being finalized.

The prices of construction materials and transport covers are subject to variation. I invite you to me consult for a quote.

prix euro


options liste choix

    Visuel anglo-saxon du lettrage  

                 Type 1 : aucun visuel

                 Type 2 : C#   F#   B   E    A   D   G   C   F   Bb   Eb   Ab

                 Type 3 : Bb   Eb   Ab  C#   F#   B   E    A   D   G   C   F

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