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fundamental zither

Here the chord includes fundamentals and fifths. There is no modulating string; therefore the third is absent.


The harmony developed by the hollow chords is surprising. There is no longer any need to know whether we are in Major or Minor; the chord does not express one mode more than the other.

This Zither 12/8 Fundamental is not yet available, the string plan being finalized.

bois bambou


The soundboard is made of bamboo, dynamic and very resistant to the forces received.

Dimensions and WEIGHT

770mm x 850mm x H60mm

règle mesures dimensions


personalisation doigt main

The lettering and the distribution of chords are offered in two versions: “Italian” reading format, or “German” reading format. For the latter, the chord of A can be reversed or not, according to the desire of the Zitherist.


from 3500 €

The prices of construction materials and transport covers are subject to variation. I invite you to me consult for a quote.

prix euro


Distribution of agreements:

  • French 


  • Italian 

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